Barrie`s East End Hot Yoga & Wellness Centre

Yoga Teacher Training Now Offered at W.I.S.E 

WINTER Program Registration now open including KIDS Calming Yoga Program!

 Kids Calming Yoga Program Unique to Studio W.I.S.E is helping many children....check out the Programs tab for more info!




Studio W.I.S.E has expanded to a Hot Yoga & Wellness Boutique .  Here you will find Barrie`s most authentic space to enjoy health and healing.  Our space is a very warm, welcoming and affordable spot for all people in the community.  Our Hot Room Escape is cozy without mirrors or bright lights to better aid everyone in enjoying all aspects of their practice without ego. 

Come enjoy the benefits of taking time for yourself to practice yoga in the infrared heat,  it is a mini escape!  

Don't forget to book time to enjoy a healing HOT STONE MASSAGE while listening to the soothing waterfall.

Come and feel the difference at Studio W.I.S.E!                                  

Yoga Teacher Training 

Studio W.I.S.E will now be offering Yoga Teacher Training along aside Dorothy Guerra through the Yoga Network of Canada.

This individualized learning program allows student to work at their own pace without stress. Students are encouraged to have their own voice and not get lost in the shuffle of a large group.

The curriculum requires reading, practice and teaching time.  The homework is pre set and done on your own time with guided supervision.  Through intense group discussion we learn the dynamics of all root poses and cover the benefits, cautions, modifications,prenatal aspects, restorative aspects, advanced techniques, verbal cueing and hands on correcting. The teaching techniques are based on Hatha Yoga principles and developing a Vinyasa (flow) teaching style. 

Please go to the Yoga Teacher Training Tab for more information and price.

 Private Group Sessions

We are adding more private group programs by request!

  The programs are structured to meet the needs of the particular group.  Some are structured for beginners to slowly and safely learn the poses with breath awareness.  Other programs are more physically challenging. 

We develop the programs after gathering information about the specific group and their needs and goals.


Our Speciality programs offered exclusively at Studio W.I.S.E have doubled in interest as an increasingly number of  people are noticing wonderful benefits from participating in the program.

The programs are designed for chronic pain, restorative healing and arthritis.  Each client in these particular programs receive individual attention according to their health status. 

A number of health care professionals recommend our  programs to their patients such as  physicians, physiotherapists, registered massage therapists,  chiropractors & psychologists.

Please visit our Programs page for more information.